Bunion Treatment is no Longer a Scary Issue – Get rid of the Pain

Bunion Treatment is No Longer a Scary Issue – Get Rid of the Pain Today

Advances in technology and procedural techniques have certainly paved the way for a brighter horizon when it comes to bunions. Bunion treatment in Long Beach has allowed patients the opportunity to walk away from surgery almost immediately. Once, those bony bumps not only brought pain to patients, but their removal was more daunting and debilitating. Now, you could say, there’s a light at the end of the bunion.

Why Were People Afraid of Bunion Treatment?

The development of an abnormal hump at the base of their big toe can be painful, and is sometimes considered a scary experience. Historically speaking, the thought of removing bunions could perhaps even add to a patient’s state of apprehension.

Years ago, this surgery was much more of an ordeal. Hospitalization was required, the downtime was more extensive, and patients experienced increased pain.

Safe to say, the thought of undergoing this surgery, didn’t exactly have patients bursting through the doors, or grabbing a Long Beach foot doctor by their white coat and begging for the procedure.

What are the Big Improvements in Treatment Today?

With today’s removal techniques in bunion treatment, experts say surgery is improved and recovery is faster.

Patient Expectations:
  • Outpatient procedure
  • Less downtime required
  • Wearing a post-operative boot/shoe for 4-6 weeks
  • Some patients can walk immediately after surgery

When to Call a Foot Doctor?

Not every bunion is created equal. Ranging from degrees of mild to moderate, to severe, these bony humps can result in different levels of pain and also require various procedures for the optimal treatment. Consequently, this is why seeking a comprehensive consultation from a podiatrist is the best approach in determining the specific needs of each individual patient.

You should see a foot doctor if:
  • You have a persistent, visible bump on your toe joint
  • Find it hard to wear shoes due to your bunion
  • Are experiencing decreased mobility of your big toe


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