Handling Arthritis the Natural Way

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How to Manage Arthritis the Natural Way

Living with arthritis is a challenge. Arthritis in the feet can be particularly challenging because each step can be very painful. There are many prescription drugs available for the treatment of arthritis which can help slow the progression of the disease and get painful inflammation under control. But if side effects or drug tolerances are a concern, there are natural remedies for foot arthritis, which can be just as effective as prescription treatment, and can have added stress-reducing benefits as well. Here are 8 great ideas for natural arthritis relief.

Weight Loss

Extra weight on the joints can only make arthritis worse – just one extra pound of weight puts 4 pounds of pressure on the joints. Being at a healthy weight can improve your arthritis and your overall health. Make sure that you are exercising 3 to 5 days a week. Low impact exercises like swimming and water aerobics can keep you at a healthy weight while giving added flexibility to the joints.

Hot and Cold Therapies

This classic remedy is quite effective at relieving joint pain. Using a warm shower is a great way to relieve morning joint stiffness. In addition, using heating pads can relieve pain and keep your joints feeling loose. Using cold therapy from ice or gel packs will relieve pain and reduce swelling, as well. Cold therapy can also be great for quick relief from flare ups.


Scheduling an appointment with a massage therapist experienced in arthritis relief can be great for pain. The Arthritis Foundation states that gentle massage can reduce joint pain, diminish joint stiffness, and increase range of motion for impacted joints. This is best used as a preventative pain therapy and may not be as beneficial during a bad flare up.

Physical Therapy

The way that you position and move your body can greatly affect your arthritis. Proper movement and positioning can prevent pain and swelling in the joints. Seeking physical therapy can give you the information you need to move smarter with foot arthritis. Physical therapists can also help advise you about shoe inserts and braces that can help with foot arthritis pain relief.

TENS Therapy

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical stimulation. It’s a type of therapy that uses little electrodes placed on the skin to transmit electromagnetic currents to the nerves. These currents stop pain signals in the nerves from reaching the brain. TENS therapy can be very useful for relieving joint pain, especially for osteoarthritis. It also encourages endorphin production, which can make you feel happier.


Becoming mindful of pain and learning to better cope with it can reduce its effects. According to an article published it The Atlantic, meditation for pain relief works by activating and reinforcing some parts of the brain that are responsible for processing pain. It also works by reducing stress, which lessens the perceived pain level. It’s an easy and low-cost alternative for those with arthritis in the feet.

Special Diet Additions and Restrictions

Certain foods can be helpful or hurtful to those with arthritis. Being mindful of your diet can have a big payoff. As with most healthy diets, avoiding salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats is recommended. Here are some good additions to your arthritis-friendly diet:

  • Olive oil, which contains an anti-inflammatory compound called oleocanthal
  • Fish like tuna and salmon, which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Dairy products, which have calcium that can increase bone strength and lessen arthritis problems
  • Turmeric, which research has shown reduces inflammation in the joints
  • Red fruits and berries, which contain anthocyanins, another anti-inflammatory compound

Herbal Supplements

Some of the best arthritis treatments can be found in nature. Natural herbal supplements can reduce joint pain and swelling and can be useful in treating all types of arthritis. Using supplements in combination with other natural remedies can be particularly effective. For a full list of supplements for joint health, see the Arthritis Foundation’s comprehensive supplement list.

Get Superior Natural Arthritis Treatment

Your doctor can be a good source for natural arthritis remedy idea. Find a doctor that supports natural treatment for your foot arthritis. Superior Foot and Ankle Services has experienced doctors and staff that have a wealth of natural treatment ideas and resources. Schedule your appointment today and get a handle on your arthritis pain.