How to Select the Right Shoes for Your Children


Soon after a child takes his or her very first steps, they seem to be everywhere, at once, scurrying about with a new-found sense of freedom and a desire to explore. At this time, parents have many questions about choosing the right footwear for their little one. Sure, there are a lot of cute options out there, and they are super adorable. But parents should look beyond mere aesthetics and focus more on other aspects that will help their child put their best foot forward. Injuries and foot problems requiring pediatric foot care, all can occur as a result of improper shoes. In order to help parents on their quest for what’s best, here are 8 essential tips about kid’s footwear selection:

  1. The Material- Stay away from shoes that are made of man-made materials, like plastic. Instead look for shoes that are more breathable, with an upper portion that is constructed of something like leather or canvas. Since kid’s feet perspire a lot, materials such as these will help air out the shoe and keep feet dry. They also tend to last longer, provide more comfort, and prevent blisters from forming.
  2. The Soles- Be on the lookout for shoes that have some sort of traction on the bottom of the sole, as slick soles can cause a child to slip and possibly injure themselves. The thickness and consistency of the sole is important, as well. Soles should be flexible for comfort and mobility, and somewhat thick for protection. Heels are not recommended for children, as they can make walking difficult. This can also be the case for toddlers when wearing a shoes with a slight heel.
  3. The Fit- This is a big one because ill-fitting footwear can cause a slew of problems including, bunions, ingrown toenails, and calluses. Children should wear shoes that fit their feet right, being neither too tight nor too loose. There should be a little room (roughly half an inch) at the toe end of the shoe so that a child’s toes are not scrunched up or jammed. Additionally, since kids feet grow fast-every few months or so, make sure to replace their shoes when needed.

Superior Care For Precious Feet

Choosing the right shoes and keeping foot care a priority, is important for everyone, both, young and old. At Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center, we understand that parents desire the best possible care for their children, and we aim to provide it with our extensive podiatric knowledge and our friendly and open approach to treatment. If your child is in need of expert foot care, contact our Long Beach office today for an appointment. We look forward to meeting you both, and helping make sure your child’s feet stay on a happy and healthy track.