How to Properly Treat a Foot Bunion


The unfortunate truth is that foot problems are very commonplace. Bunions, the bony bumps that form at the base joint of the big toe, are one of the most common foot complaints out there. In fact, there are about 3 million cases of bunions per year in the U.S. While anyone can get bunions, women and older adults tend to be the ones more often affected.

Regardless of whether the bunion is mild or severe, treatment should always be on the agenda. This is because a bunion is more than just a bump: it actually represents a change in the foot’s anatomical structure. A bunion can cause the toe to turn in towards the other toes and create further misalignment of the bones. It can also make walking difficult and lead to inflammation and foot pain.

Treatment Options

How you go about properly treating a bunion depends on how severe your condition is. A mild case may only need minor, simple adjustments in order to provide the needed relief to prevent the condition from worsening.

In this case, treatment options can include:

  • Applying ice to reduce pain and swelling
  • Wearing well-fitting footwear that offers a sufficient amount of toe room
  • Choosing shoes that are made of stretchy materials that have no stitching over the area which may cause irritation
  • Trying custom-made orthotics
  • Putting a bunion pad over the bunion

If necessary, taking acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain relief
But if your bunion has reached the point where it is causing you great pain, surgery will probably be recommended as the best course of treatment. Thankfully, due to medical advancements, bunion surgery has more to offer patients than ever before. Not only are the procedures more precise, but they can also conveniently be performed on an outpatient basis with shorter periods of rehabilitation. Several different surgical methods exist, but most typically involve removing the bony growth and correcting the alignment of the bones.

Scheduling Your Appointment For Bunion Relief

Bunions may be common, but that doesn’t make them any easier or less painful to experience. If you are suffering from bunion pain and would like to discover which treatment option is best for you, get in touch with us at Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center and set up an appointment. Our caring staff and knowledgeable podiatrists work hard to help patients achieve healthy and happy feet!