Preventing Ingrown Toenails | Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center


How to Prevent Ingrown Toenails While an ingrown toenail might happen to some people more than others due to hereditary factors, the fact is that an ingrown toenail can happen to anyone. Simply put, an ingrown toenail occurs when a nail grows into the flesh rather than over it, occurring most often in the big […]

How to fix Smelly Feet


How to Prevent Smelly Feet Smelly feet (eccrine bromhidrosis) is a common condition which many people experience, in particular pregnant women, teens, the elderly, heart disease sufferers, diabetics, and people who are stressed. But did you know that there are many different ways to treat it? The reason why feet get so smelly is because […]

Changing Your Shoes for the New Season


It is very important to have shoes that have just the right amount of arch support, particularly for those who transition into boots during the winter time. Seasonal Footwear all have their own unique support issues. Most boots lack the cushion and support that sneakers have while summer sandals do not provide proper ankle support. […]

Treating Blisters Without Your Doctor’s Help


Treating Your Blister Although most blisters eventually heal on their own, the recovery time required isn’t a feasible option for those who are active or experiencing pronounced pain. It is important to know the right methods of treatment to remain healthy and to prevent your blister from getting worse. What Causes a Blister? Blisters occur […]