The Possible Causes of Feet Discoloration


Skin on the feet or ankles can discolor for any number of reasons, ranging from staining from wet clothes or boots to serious medical conditions. Yet, if the discoloration isn’t immediately explainable by simple environmental factors, then it’s in your best interest to seek medical attention. Here are some things that you should know about […]

How to Bandage and Injured Foot


Whether you’re trying to help out a friend or you’ve hurt your own foot, knowing how to properly deal with and take care of an injured foot can save you a lot of stress and problems later. Here’s a quick how-to guide on how to properly take care of and bandage an injured foot or […]

How to Minimize Foot Inflammation


Foot Inflammation is the body’s attempt to fend off foreign, invasive objects, including bacteria or viruses. In other words, inflammation is an immunological response to remove potentially harmful foreign stimuli and to heal the site of invasion. Inflammation often begins with irritation, and is then followed by suppuration (pus discharge). Then there is the granulation […]