75,000 Mile Checkup Quiz

How Fit Are Your Feet?

Take the 75,000 Mile Test and Find Out!

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, most Americans log 75,000 miles on their feet by the time they reach the age of 50. Serious Striders — those whose professions or lifestyles involve using their feet more than the norm — reach the milestone much sooner.

The rigorous sports and fitness activities that many contemporary Americans now engage in — while beneficial to overall health and well-being — accelerate wear-and-tear in the feet and ankles. During running activities particularly, pressure on each foot can be three to four times normal body weight. Even walking can take its toll: a 150-pound person walking one mile exerts the equivalent of 63-1/2 tons — 127,000 pounds — on each foot!

Fortunately, the foot and ankle are well designed to handle this stress and to support us for a lifetime. But certain conditions — if undetected and untreated — can seriously sideline even the most fit individual. With proper detection, intervention and care, most foot and ankle problems can be lessened or prevented.

What potential effect does 75,000 miles or its equivalent have on your feet? To find out, take the following test.

75,000 Mile Checkup Quiz

  • Use the following formula to calculate the approximate number of miles your feet have logged: 4.3 miles/day* x 365 days x your age = _____________ miles

    *This is an average. To calculate your specific mileage, wear a pedometer for a week, add up the number of miles you walked each day, and divide by seven. Then, insert that sum into the formula to calculate your baseline mileage.

  • Easy Steppers
    • – Clerical/administrative positions
    • – Data processing, computer programming positions
    • – Accountants, attorneys
    • – Executives
    Moderate Movers
    • – Doctors, flight attendants, chefs
    • – Teachers, military personnel
    • – Bank tellers, store clerks
    • – Homemakers, farmers
    Serious Striders
    • – Professional athletes/dancers
    • – Mail carriers, police officers, teachers
    • – Factory workers, waiters/waitresses, nurses
    • – Store clerks, retail salespeople
    • – Aerobics instructors
  • Easy Steppers
    • – Walking
    • – Gardening
    • – Bowling
    • – Shopping
    • – Golfing
    Moderate Movers
    • – Tennis
    • – Racquetball
    • – Biking
    • – Power Walking
    Serious Striders
    • – Jogging
    • – Running
    • – Basketball
    • – Soccer
    • – Aerobics
  • a. Arthritis, Joint Pain, Tendonitis, or Heel Pain
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