About Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center

Our Practice: The Philosophy and Description

podiatristsThe podiatrists at Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center are trained to keep feet healthy and working well. We believe that with patient education, including self-assessment, appropriate exercise, proper footwear, and healthy diet the body can help you maintain your feet in good condition. Podiatric care, as in all medical modalities, is an evolving science. We are constantly researching new and better ways to treat our patients. Superior Foot and Ankle takes great pride in combining compassionate one on one patient care, with the latest in medical technology.

Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center provides significant literature regarding proper foot maintenance including some videos for our
patient’s education and understanding. Most information is available in English and helping-a-patientSpanish. Our staff is trained and takes the time to listen and educate patients regarding their foot care. Our office sends quarterly newsletters to patients, which include good foot care tips, patient features and other general news about our practice.

The practice offers a full service podiatric package. This includes: In-office digital x-ray, physical therapy, and lab capabilities. We are able to serve the Hispanic community by providing bilingual staff and educational materials.

We offer same day appointments for routine podiatric examinations. Emergency care is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Patient’s waiting time is kept to 15 minutes or less with the average 10 minutes.

patient-treatmentOur podiatrists often alleviate discomfort and deal with the biomechanical issues that caused the problem within a few visits. Many family doctors and specialists are frustrated by a complex foot problem which often results in multiple visits and medical intervention. Numerous family doctors and specialists refer cases to us for faster results, which reduces patient suffering and saves money for the insurance company. In the pamphlet “Getting It Right The First Time”, the medical group management association documents that podiatrists are more cost effective than all other providers in managing foot problems.

Mission Statement

The Practices of Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center

front-desk-discussionThe Mission of Our Practice is to Provide Quality Ankle and Foot Health Care Services That Exceed Patients Expectations. We Provide These Services in the Los Angeles and Orange County Areas.

We Must Achieve a Profitable Return for Our Skills, Time, and Experience, by Controlling Expenses and Charging Reasonable Fees for the Standard of Health Care and Service Delivered to Our Patients, Who are The Most Important Aspect of Our Business.

  • Our practice believes in the body’s own natural abilities to heal itself.
  • Our practice emphasizes preventive care and education over curative treatment.
  • Our practice offers timeliness of appointment scheduling including emergency care.
  • Our practice strives on a minimum of patient waiting time in reception room as well as examination room.
  • Our practice is well known among our community, with a considerable amount of referrals from: Dermatologists, Orthopedists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Internists, Gastroenterologists, Pediatricians, Endocrinologists, Gynecologists, Cardiologists, and Ophthalmologists.
  • Our practice is involved in a variety of groups and organizations which help support our community.
  • Our practice staff and doctors frequently attend medical management seminars on the team approach to patient care within a managed care system.