Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot can be a real pain, especially if it’s chronic and won’t go away with over-the-counter treatments. Fortunately for those suffering with severe athlete’s foot, there are professional level remedies available from the Superior Foot and Ankle Care Center. We have experience dealing with every kind of foot fungus and skin ailment, so if you have any problems with your feet that you feel like you need some help with, give us a call or stop by the office today. Our doctors are standing by with medical-grade treatments to give you relief from even the toughest athlete’s foot. Don’t let a fungal infection cramp your style, and keep you from living your active lifestyle. Follow these recommendations and you’ll be back on your feet (pun intended) in no time!

Preventing and Treating Athlete’s Foot on Your Own

The best way to fight athlete’s foot, is to simply prevent athlete’s foot from ever occurring. Now, many people may simply think that athlete’s foot is one of those things that “just happens” but, in reality there are a number of ways to prevent it. Thankfully, most of these are simple hygiene things that anybody can do. An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure, especially when it comes to easily avoidable (most of the time) things like athlete’s foot.

Courtesy of the Mayo Clinic:

    • Keep your feet dry. Go barefoot when you can, and when you’re on a clean surface, to let your feet air out as much as possible when you’re home.
    • Change socks regularly. If your feet sweat a lot, change your socks when they get wet. Wet socks are no fun anyway, and they’re a breeding ground for fungal and bacterial infections.
    • Alternate shoes. Don’t wear the same pair every day so that you give your shoes time to completely dry.
    • Protect your feet in public places. Wear waterproof sandals or shower shoes at the gym, or around the neighborhood pool
    • Treat your feet. Use antifungal powder on your feet daily.
    • Don’t share shoes. Sharing risks spreading a fungal infection.
    • Check your Feet. Examine your feet at least once a day, preferably more, to insure there are no issues that need to be addressed. This is especially vital to do if you have diabetes and doubly so if you’re suffering from diabetic neuropathy which may prevent you from feeling the effects of damage and infection.

Following these simple guidelines can go a long way towards preventing most foot infections, but it’s sadly still possible to get athlete’s foot. In that case, often a trip to the podiatrist is in order to get a prescription spray or anti-fungal powder to quickly knock out athlete’s foot. We can solve your athlete’s foot woes, and get you back out there doing all the things you love, with no more itchy burning toes.

Of course, athlete’s foot doesn’t necessarily mean a trip to your favorite podiatrist. There’s a lot you can do to treat athlete’s foot on your own. First though, you have to be on the lookout for the signs and symptoms of athlete’s foot. Pay special attention to things like this, and you can often treat athlete’s foot on your own, with minimal effort or discomfort. And of course, diabetics need to take special care to watch out for these symptoms as any damage to the extremities can be seriously dangerous. So be on the lookout for things like:

  • Itching or Burning Between toes. This may be especially noticeable right after your remove your shoes or socks
  • Stinging sensation in the feet
  • Dry or “scaly” skin on the sides and bottoms of the feet
  • Itchy red rash, similar to eczema
  • Ulcers or other slow-healing sores on your feet, particularly on the tops and between the toes. This is especially worrisome as it can compound with the other effects of diabetes to present severe or even life threatening complications.

If you have any of these symptoms, you should try some non-perscription alternatives first. If that doesn’t solve your problems, it’s time to seek professional help from the best podiatrists in Long Beach.

Treating Athlete’s Foot with Superior Foot and Ankle Center

We treat all our patient’s issues, from broken bones to nail fungus, with the utmost respect because we know how important your feet are to your quality of life. Healthy, happy feet are often the best indicator of overall health, so we do everything in our power to solve all of your foot care issues, including one of the most common, athlete’s foot.

Our expert staff is trained to help you eliminate persistent or chronic athlete’s foot quickly and easily, and with minimal discomfort. A quick diagnosis means you’ll have prescription strength medicated spray or powder to speedily eliminate any foot fungus, and get you back to doing the activities you love.

To make an appointment call us at 562-420-9800, or come by the office. We’d love to see you, even for an informal visit to talk about your options and give you some advice.