Bone Spurs

Plantar Heel Spur

A heel spur may form when the plantar fascia tugs on the heel bone. The heel spur can then cause painful walking. Also a nerve may sometimes become trapped. This can also cause or increase foot pain and swelling.

Treatment – Spur Removal

The plantar fascia is first released. Then, if the nerve is trapped, it also can be released. If the heel spur affects your walking, it may be removed. You will need crutches for a few weeks. As you heal, fibrous tissue will grow between the heel bone and the plantar fascia.

Spur on the back of the Heel

The Achilles tendon connects your calf muscle to the heel bone at the back of your foot. A tight Achilles tendon may cause a spur to form on the heel bone. Shoes can press and rub on the back of your foot, causing irritation.

Treatment – Spur Removal

The heel spur is removed, and the Achilles tendon is repositioned. Your foot will be placed in a cast. To keep you from bearing weight on this foot, you will need crutches for several weeks.

Toe Spur

A bone spur on your toe may occur alone, or with other foot problems. Toe spurs have a number of causes and may result in pain when walking.

Treatment – Minimal Incision Surgery

This procedure involves making only a small skin incision. A tiny power rasp (similar to a dental burr) or a special file is inserted to smooth the bone. After surgery, your foot will be bandaged, but you can walk on it right away. In some cases, you may need to wear a surgical shoe for a few weeks.