Dealing With Bunions


What’s the Best Way of Dealing with Bunions? Are you prone to bunions? Maybe they develop because of the shoes you wear or maybe you’re unlucky and they run in your family. Either way, bunions aren’t something that you have to live with forever. But before you try some drastic home remedy, here’s a quick […]

How to Treat Your Bunions Without Surgery

In terms of leading foot disorders, bunions certainly make the list. This common condition occurs when the big toe joint becomes misaligned and a bump forms at its base. Early on, this deformity can cause a person little to no discomfort, but in more severe cases, bunions can become very painful and interfere with normal day-to-day […]

Top 5 Bunion Facts From Superior Foot & Ankle Center


Five Facts on Bunions & Treating Them Most people have heard about bunions, or have even experienced them. The painful bump that forms at the base of the big toe can lead to toe displacement and ultimately lead to bunion treatment. Affecting millions, this common condition can often be misunderstood. To shine some light on […]

Bunion Surgery Myths – Busted!


Bunions are common but can be a painful disturbance and can begin to intrude on your daily activities. There are several methods to slow the progression of bunions; however bunion surgery is the only way to rid your feet of them properly. Many times, individuals have simply avoided surgery because of things “they’ve heard”; here are […]

Top Four Tips for Nail Fungus Prevention

Toenail fungus also known as onychomycosis, is a common occurrence among adults. Many people get a nail fungus infection when using public gyms, shower stalls, swimming pools, or even unsanitary nail salons. Nail fungus is an infection that begins as a white or yellow spot under your nail. As the infection continues to grow it can […]

Why do Bunions Hurt During Colder Weather


Many people who suffer from bunions tell their podiatrist that cold weather makes their bunion hurt worst. There is no evidence that cold weather is what is causing the increase in pain. Rather, foot doctors believe that it is the change in the type of foot wear people use during cold weather that causes the […]