How to Minimize Foot Inflammation


Foot Inflammation is the body’s attempt to fend off foreign, invasive objects, including bacteria or viruses. In other words, inflammation is an immunological response to remove potentially harmful foreign stimuli and to heal the site of invasion. Inflammation often begins with irritation, and is then followed by suppuration (pus discharge). Then there is the granulation […]

Treating Foot Nerve Pain


Addressing Nerve Pain in the Feet Foot pain isn’t just uncomfortable – it can be debilitating. It’s one thing if you have a physical injury that you can visibly identify and treat on the spot; nerve pain, however, can be a trickier beast to tame. You’ve likely experienced nerve pain in your feet before without […]

The Best Shoes for Your Feet


Selecting the Best Shoes for Your Feet Are you tired of having sore, achy feet? Does there seem to be nothing medically wrong with your feet? Then it’s possible you could be wearing shoes that aren’t suited for your feet. Here are some tips on how you can find the best shoes for your feet, so […]

Ingrown Toenails: A Common Nuisance


Ingrown Toenails: A Common and Unpleasant Pain Ingrown toenails are a common nail impairment and account for about one in five patients who visit their family physicians with a foot-related problem. Not only is it an unpleasant hindrance, unattended ingrown toenail can escalate into a painful infection. Causes for Ingrown Toenails Ingrown toenails chiefly affect […]