Heel Pain

Some heel problems can result from poor foot mechanics. If your foot moves incorrectly, the ligaments and tendons can become strained, causing pain and swelling. Also, a bone spur (an extra bone growth) can form. Some spurs can occur when two bones press against each other. Bone spurs can make walking and wearing shoes painful. Here are some common heel problems and bone spurs and their treatment options.

Strained Plantar Fascia

The plantar fascia runs from the heel to the ball of the foot. A foot that flattens too much or too little as you move may strain the plantar fascia. The bottom of your foot may hurt when you stand up after resting, or after prolonged movement. This is one of the most common foot ailments treated at Superior Foot & Ankle Care Center.

Surgical Treatment – Plantar Fascia Release

To release the plantar fascia from tension, it can be partially cut near the heel bone. To keep you from walking on your foot, you may have to use crutches for a few weeks. As you heal, fibrous tissue fills the space between the heel bone and the plantar fascia. There are many new options for heel pain. One from TenexHealth.com is available at our office. This specific treatment allows for patients to return to his or her activity much more quickly.

Non-Surgical Heel Pain Treatment

Most heel pain (about 80% of the time) can be treated conservatively. As board certified podiatrist in Long Beach, we concentrate on educating our patients on proper shoe gear and stretching exercises for this common condition. We encourage our patients to bring in their shoes and current orthotics for evaluation. Often times, heel pain can be relieved with simple changes in the shoe gear.

If you are suffering from heel pain or other foot pain, contact our office to speak to an experienced foot doctor today.