Sports Related Injuries

Sports injuries are some of the most common sources of foot pain, and there’s little wonder why. Most sports that are played on land require you to perform some combination of running and jumping, often with sudden changes of direction and other advanced movements. In addition, athletes are often subject to chronic injuries that result from repetitive stress. If you do enjoy an active lifestyle, sports injuries can be especially tough, as they can keep you on the sidelines when you’d rather be out on the field or in the gym. Fortunately, with the proper treatment, most sports injuries can be completely overcome.

Acute Sports Injuries

Acute sports injuries occur as the result of a sudden traumatic incident. Foot and ankle fractures are one common type of acute injury. Acute fractures usually occur due to slipping or unnatural twisting motions. Sprains, however, are more common. A sprain is a ligament injury caused when the ligament is stretched beyond its natural range of motion – usually because of twisting, rolling, or turning motions – in some cases causing it to tear. Tendon ruptures can also happen suddenly. An Achilles tendon rupture is quite serious, although it is usually minimally painful. Most patients report feeling like they were kicked in the back of the leg, even though no one was near them. Early medical treatment is advised, as it allows for a better chance of reattaching the tendon ends without a graft.

Chronic Sports Injuries

Athletes also frequently suffer chronic sports injuries to their feet and ankles. If you lead an active lifestyle, chances are you rack up a lot of mileage on your feet. And unfortunately, all that wear and tear really doesn’t make your bones, ligaments, and tendons that much stronger. Stress fractures are a common sports injury, particularly among tennis players, basketball players, gymnasts, dancers, and track and field athletes. Because of repetitive use, the muscles of the feet become tired and less able to absorb the shock of impact. This force is eventually transferred to the bones, which begin to develop small cracks, or stress fractures.

Conditions like tendonitis are similar. Achilles tendonitis, for example, results from repetitive overuse or a sudden increase in your level of activity. Small tears begin to form in the tissue, which eventually leads to inflammation and pain. There are a number of treatments for this condition, including the removal of damaged tissue through the revolutionary Topaz treatment.

Sports injuries can put you off your game and keep you from living the active lifestyle you want. But with our years of experience and numerous treatment options, we can help you get over your injuries no matter what the cause. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Vikki or Dr. Connie, contact us today.