James R.

Long Beach native, James Rhoden, was having issues cutting his toenails. His diabetes, lack of mobility and subsequent weight gain had made this simple task extremely difficult. Dr. Foley addressed a more immediate problem on one of his first appointments. “His skin color was horrible, there was no blood in his face, he was short of breath and dizzy” Dr. Foley observed. “He had more serious problems than cutting toenails.” Off to Los Alamitos Medical Center emergency room he went. James was quickly admitted and was transfused seven pints of blood. He had internal bleeding and substantial loss of blood as a complication of diverticulitis. “Dr. Foley saved my life,” says the thankful James. “Without her insisting I go to the hospital, I probably would have put it off another week or so and my doctors told me that would have been fatal,” he added. With one health issue successfully addressed, it was onto the primary reason for his visit with Dr. Foley. “I had always been active, but as I got older I suffered injuries, had a knee replacement, put on weight and was diabetic,” says the former master machinist. James was the perfect patient for MicroVas, one of Dr. Foley’s most successful treatment procedures, which aids greatly in stimulating circulation. “I felt an improvement immediately,” said James. “The MicroVas treatments made my legs feel better and with Dr. Foley’s comprehensive fitness plan, I’m motivated to be more active.” “We’ve been using MicroVas for over two years and our success rate has been excellent,” says Dr. Foley. “What’s most encouraging is that patients feel the difference almost immediately.”