Kimberly K.

kofford_testimonialBunions on both big toes had been bothering Kimberly Kofford for almost 20 years. She had learned to live with the pain. But when she couldn’t find a pair of shoes that fit, it was time for drastic measures. “I put off thinking about surgery for years. It’s not something you can do with young children,” said the Seal Beach mother of two. The years passed and the pain increased. “It was even painful when I went to sleep. If I turned to my right side it would rub the bunion,” said Kimberly. “And my work-outs at the gym became really uncomfortable. Even driving the car, because working the pedals was unpleasant.” Enter Dr. Foley. “Kim was another patient who, for a lot of reasons, had put off surgery,” said Dr. Foley. “Some people hear horror stories. For Kim it was a timing issue with her children being so young. After the exam, I performed a bunionectomy. Kim followed my instructions and had virtually a pain-free experience.” “Dr. Foley told me exactly what to expect and didn’t sugarcoat the procedure,” said Kim. The recovery period went as Dr. Foley had predicted and Kim is now a “pain free” mom. “It is so nice to walk, work-out and BUY shoes that fit,” said Kim. “I’ve scheduled my second surgery on my left big toe for late summer. “Kim’s story is typical of most of our bunion patients,” Dr. Foley said. “Surgical technology and the recovery period have made bunionectomies extremely viable for almost everyone.”